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LEARNING VACATION / A Kayak in a Kit For Amateur Builders

   21.07.2018  4 Comments

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Old 1930s Amateur Vacation Film Montage

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Amateur vacation

Chesapeake kits eliminate the hard parts; the major pieces are all precision-cut on computer-guided machines. I was looking for an holiday that could combine my OM needs as well as the needs of my family. There is also a great place to train in ARDF, it remains to draw a map: Downtown Annapolis with its shops, restaurants and waterfront was a scant five minutes away for those days when work ended early. More antennas and accessories are in the works: My fellow students made a varied group: Amateur vacation

Amateur vacation

Amateur vacation

Amateur vacation

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  1. When I finally settled into the cockpit and paddled into a stiff southerly breeze and moderate chop, I was transported.

  2. Kayak, in Inuit, means hunting boat. In instance we fell in love with the cottage and the surrounding nature where main elements are pure water lake and peninsula of an island. Comradeship grew because some tasks required a second set of hands.

  3. It took a couple of weekends at home to get my boat water-ready. This time, I lugged home a wood sea kayak - an elegantly slim craft with graceful lines, to be sure, 17 feet long and weighing 44 pounds. Recently I decided to convert the cottage into a guest house for Radio Amateurs from all over the world.

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