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Neil Young - Don't Let It Bring You Down Guitar Lesson Tutorial - JustinGuitar

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Dont let them bring you down

It was also covered by Victoria Williams on the anthology album The Bridge: Everything Everything covered the song on a Radio 1 session on 25th July I don't know how to describe the sound of this song or Young's voice on it when I hear it, but it's one of those songs where his singing and words sound like the voice an incredibily wise spirit. The castle is no longer our home and thus the world becomes our home, and when the world is your home you can always be at home with yourself. Well I think this song is largely about human life and it's cycles. Having participated in the life, he is 'by the side of the road' of life, still a witness to it, but in contrast to the lorries that are rolling by, he is not on the road and he is still, he is not moving. But one cannot lose hope when something they perceive to be important is lost, because it is the way everything is. Don't you know that you don't live forever, you are impermanent and the foundation of your knowledge is only as solid as everything else, which is susceptible to destruction and decay. When the understanding of this is gained one no longer needs to run around blind seeking, one can be still by the side of the road surrounded by motion, not resisting the force of the wind and let one's self flow with the river. This turned out longer than I thought, and every song is open to everyone's interpretation. Dont let them bring you down

Dont let them bring you down

Dont let them bring you down

Dont let them bring you down

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  1. The Dead man is the natural progression of the Old man's cycle just as the day light would proceed the the dawn and the moon's sinking. That is the blind man's castles burning. Wolfmother played this song acoustically in and included it on the Japanese version of Cosmic Egg.

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