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Writing Guitar Riffs

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A Tip For Writing New Interesting Riffs

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How to write a guitar riff

Here are chords in the key of G: Developing my previous point, I've discovered in a full band that power chords don't necessarily produce the best sound. I avoid using power chords unless I feel it is the best voicing for that particular chord. To play the third note, pluck the A string by itself. Using this method can help make your riffs sound more musical. Modulating one-bar riff Example 3 tab Aside from bar five, each riff is in the same fretboard position but starts on different strings. The left of the diagram shows you which finger to use for each note. How to write a guitar riff

How to write a guitar riff

How to write a guitar riff

How to write a guitar riff

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  1. Just Play Parts Of Chords Once you've gotten the alternating down then just play parts of each chord, like only two strings at once. On your first go, play the riff without the slides or vibrato.

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