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Had a Late Period? 7 Things That Can Cause a Delay

   24.11.2018  5 Comments

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How Stress Causes Irregular Menstruation, Heavy & Irregular Periods & PMS, Even If On The Pill

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Can stress delay your period on birth control

This can cause irregular periods. Short and long-term diseases like the ones above can affect your blood sugar and hormones and thus play havoc with your periods. Your doctor can help you address any other factors that may be at play. Overexercising Intense exercise can put excessive strain on the body and may lead to a hormonal imbalance. Either way, this could be a reason your period is late. Hormonal Imbalance Hormones, of course, play a large role in your menstrual cycle. If negative, repeat in days. Untreated PID can lead to serious complications , like fallopian tube scarring and infertility. Otherwise, talk to your doctor about your late period - they can provide valuable insight and ease your mind. The important thing to remember is to stay calm, as being stressed only made the wait seem longer. Can stress delay your period on birth control

Can stress delay your period on birth control

Can stress delay your period on birth control

Can stress delay your period on birth control

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  1. Try breathing techniques, yoga , restorative walks, and even journaling to get at the root of your stress. Read now Being overweight or obese Overweight women can produce an unusually high amount of estrogen. But if you are sexually active and have missed a period, a pregnancy test would be your best option.

  2. There is also an option of taking 24 active pills and 4 placebo pill, which is nowadays considered more physiologic.

  3. It can cause other issues as well. BUT stress will not affect your period if you're taking hormonal birth control.

  4. Some medications interfere with the effectiveness of hormonal birth control, as well. Download Flo App 5 reasons for missed period on birth control Your body reacts in many different ways to a lot of situations.

  5. Since many women end up missing or skipping doses of birth control pills, the overall effectiveness is about 91 to 99 percent. Takeaway Missing your period while taking birth control pills with regularity is usually no reason for alarm. If it's still negative, and you have not yet started your period, follow up with your healthcare provider.

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