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Stella's Restaurant

   30.06.2018  4 Comments

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Stellas lubbock

All in all, I would still definitely recommend Stella's. The wait for food was about an hour or so, but very much worth the wait and we are already planning a double date back we live in Clovis! The scallops are nice and tender and the spicy marinara is really good. Especially with butter and marinara sauce reminds me of spaghetti, don't knock it until you try it! The noodles and cheese were very thick and not fully warmed in the center. Would recommend to couples for a date night. Never got an apology from management on the delay. Stellas lubbock

Stellas lubbock

Stellas lubbock

Stellas lubbock

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  1. Nothing crazy just pasta, soup, burger, salmon, chicken. If you come here, I recommend getting seafood because it is consistently good in my opinion. They are pros!

  2. The wait staff seems well trained. The restaurant is dark and cold, the chairs are very hard.

  3. The servers are always really nice and attentive but the food comes out a bit slowly, so make sure you have a lot of time if you plan on coming here. The portions were huge and not particularly good. I got three cheese lasagna, it was drenched in a strangely orange tomato sauce.

  4. Everything else is a lottery and might be good or might not. The restaurant is dark and cold, the chairs are very hard.

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