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9 Ways To Curl Afro-Textured Hair Without Heat, According To Natural Hair Vloggers

   15.12.2018  4 Comments

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Bantu Knots With Thread on 4c Natural Hair: Heat vs. No Heat

Video about how to make natural african hair curly:

How to make natural african hair curly

Two-Strand Twists One of the easiest methods for giving natural hair all-over curls comes with using two-strand twists. Curl your short hair with…socks Twist your hair on socks. We will tell you how to make natural hair soft and curly in the easiest ways possible. Braid Out A braid out can be done one of two ways: Finger coils One of the simplest ways of getting cute little curls without heat is finger coils. When done on damp hair, just be sure to let them dry completely before the take-down I've learned from experience how terrible they come out when hair is left even the slightest bit damp. How to make natural african hair curly

How to make natural african hair curly

How to make natural african hair curly

How to make natural african hair curly

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  1. If you have short hair, find out some ways to curl it stylishly and without harm. It is a tried and true method of getting your hair moisturised and soft. Certainly, that's not all.

  2. For soft springy curls here is the procedure: Repeat steps until you have finished your entire head. You should also cover the surrounding surfaces with some newspapers or something similar to avoid semi-permanent stains.

  3. You then need to apply your favourite oil to your fingertips and gently take out the braids. JayHairBigga's tutorial shows how a perm rod set takes a life of its own on day two and three hair, and the curl porn will instantly drop your jaws.

  4. You just need to wet your hair, put some product in and then put your hair in these curl formers strand by strand.

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