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How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial Number

   17.11.2018  1 Comments

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Recent purchase...1989 Squier Strat Made in Korea

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Squier strat dating

Modern Fender production guitars, to the present, have their ID numbers on the front or back of the headstock near the Fender decal. Fender also dated the neck when it was manufactured. Being many months later, the serial number date and the neck date might not match. In many instances, there is no exact known date for a specific guitar. Squier strat dating

Squier strat dating

Squier strat dating

Squier strat dating

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  1. Where do I find my Fender Serial Number? Necks could sit for days, weeks, or even months at a time before being matched with a body. Fender like Gibson has been producing guitars for many years.

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