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Judas Kiss

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Carla gugino judas kiss

Perhaps Gutierrez could have taken more advantage of his wonderful cast by allowing Carla Gugino's central character more of a leading role, and allowing us to connect more effectively, thus showcasing those delicious cameos of erratic cops-on-the job Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. The victim is not just any neighbor When the group hears on TV that the woman Coco shot was the wife of powerful Sen. However, buyers outside the US or Canada please contact the seller before bidding or buying. Suddenly, the local police and FBI are hot on their trail and nothing is as it appears. The DVD disc contains no 'extras'. Emma Thompson delivers her role with grace and humor and Alan Rickman, as the whacked-out local cop, is excellent but not overbearing. The script would certainly appeal to anyone looking for an unconventional movie, unless they happened to notice that the structure of the story is so confoundingly twisted as to be obscure. Its fabulous look is enhanced by slick cinematography and golden production design that sharpens our expectations. Carla gugino judas kiss

Carla gugino judas kiss

Carla gugino judas kiss

Carla gugino judas kiss

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  1. Watching these two very English Shakespearian actors trying to act laconic as they struggle with a drawling Southern accent yields the kind of simple pleasures one wishes the film had more of. Thompson on duty rollerblading is an image worth preserving, while Rickman's hang-dog desperation is a joy.

  2. A totally overlooked gem, Judas Kiss has titillating erotic romance, reminiscent of Body Heat, it has cops and crime, political intrigue and just a dash of daytime soap.

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