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Want to read like a celebrity?

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Celebrity video archive

This, of course, has its own resonances with many other MeToo stories. Here is a culture that, despite so much evidence to the contrary, continues to embrace myths of meritocracy; and a man, rich and powerful—a person whose whims get alchemized via fame into collective truth—telling them that they, too, are anointed. But their perspective has a grain of truth: One of the simmering horrors of the story Leaving Neverland tells is that through his alleged manipulations of them, Jackson was promising the families a version of justice. Kelly , and Ryan Adams , and so many others. One of the several gutting details Leaving Neverland includes in its story is the extent to which the castle at the heart of Neverland became, for the boys, indistinguishable from a prison. He included kids in his music videos. Americans might talk about celebrities as celestial forces, but celebrity is also, Jackson knew, a kind of infrastructure: The dynamics are similar to those described by the people who have spoken out against R. Here is the King of Pop himself reportedly promising Safechuck and Robson that their unique talents would be seen and appreciated and remunerated and loved, just as his own had been. Celebrity video archive

Celebrity video archive

Celebrity video archive

Celebrity video archive

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  1. According to Robson, Jackson promised him the ability to learn the art of choreography at, literally, his feet.

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