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25 Things We Can’t Control

   19.06.2018  3 Comments

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15 Things You CAN'T Control In Life

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Things you can t control

The Future Giphy The future, like the past, isn't in your control. How deeply you breathe when you experience stress. Therapist Aid Source: Truth is, the past can hurt, but it's also whatever you make of it. Personally, we love this period of time where we live in right now. We should accept what has transpired, learn from our past, and move on. You can take charge of your decisions, attitude, and reactions — but that's about it. Right now, you can control: One of the single most valuable, necessary, and helpful 'truths' to accept as we navigate this life, is that we truly have absolutely no ability to control anyone other than ourselves. Things you can t control

Things you can t control

Things you can t control

Things you can t control

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  1. Ironically, many people waste the only time they have the present thinking about the time they have lost.

  2. You're bumper-to-bumper with the cars around you, and in the moment, there's nowhere to go.

  3. But we cannot undo what is done. Whether you formulate a new plan or act on your existing one.

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