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Lace-Up Tube Top & Pencil Skirt Set

   18.08.2018  4 Comments

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Firefighter Looks Up Woman's Skirt

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Under skirt tube

If this media is useful, please propose it for deletion or list it at files for discussion. Join the two short edges and you will get the skirt tube. Join that area with a basting stitch long length stitches. It should be appropriate for the skirt or dress you are wearing it under. Instead of tulle you can use crinoline. Checkout the different types of liquid starches and stiffeners you can make yourself for this purpose You can attach the crinoline in layers as it is done in tulle skirts for more overall fullness. Hence the crinoline is attached to the face outside of the petticoat. Under skirt tube

Under skirt tube

Under skirt tube

Under skirt tube

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  1. I have given here two layers of tulle strips. Most dudes will always try to spy, spy with their little eye and see what the girls' bottoms are hiding.

  2. Here you'll get to see up many babe's skirts without the risk of being caught in public.

  3. Stitch the frill to the petticoat equal distance from the bottom edge as the frill. Taffeta , satin and velvet bands were used You can either gather the top edge or pleat the fullness so that it doesnot bulk up on the waist..

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