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Speed dating with books-2017

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Book speed dating

Each table had a sign labeling the genre. If you are a teacher or librarian in a high poverty district as I am, you likely qualify for deep discounts on books through FirstBooks. These classes are designed for struggling readers and generally have fewer than ten students. If it has short stories or is nonfiction, you can start at any point that interests you. Students have about five minutes to record notes about the genre at their table by looking at the "menu" cards and by perusing through the books and talking with their group members. One of the first questions that I've got from other teachers about this activity has to do with the books themselves. Did the timing work for the class? I let my students self select the tables they moved to first, but you could easily copy the scorecard sheet on different colors of paper to establish groups. First minute--Choose a table. I am excited to add a fun twist for when I do this lesson again. Book speed dating

Book speed dating

Book speed dating

Book speed dating

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  1. My most recent discovery is FirstBooks. When going over directions with the students, I talked about dating etiquette, which the students loved. Did they have enough time, or not enough?

  2. Decide how you want the tables set up. We went over the directions thoroughly, and I made absolutely certain everyone knew what to do.

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