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What Does Kiss and Tell Mean?

   14.09.2018  4 Comments

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What is kiss and tell

Kiss and tell is now a style of journalism, otherwise known as 'cheque-book journalism'. Look you here, madam, then, what Mr. It might be thought to be a recent phenomenon, but it dates back to at least the late 17th century and appears in Congreve's play Love for Love, What's the meaning of the phrase 'Kiss and tell'? More Examples The excerpt below talks about how brothel workers do not reveal their customers. Mr Tattle is all over sweet, his peruke is sweet, and his gloves are sweet, and his handkerchief is sweet, pure sweet, sweeter than roses. He gave me this ring for a kiss. Smell him, mother - madam, I mean. If there were a right person, I would have found him by now. What is kiss and tell

What is kiss and tell

What is kiss and tell

What is kiss and tell

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  1. Also, if as is often the case now, they are printed in tabloid newspapers, sell would be a more appropriate word than tell.

  2. Many high-profile celebrities now oblige prospective staff, and even prospective spouses, to sign non-disclosure agreements which bar them from making any private knowledge they have of the prominent person or their lifestyle public. To Kiss and Tell Meaning Definition: The Ordeal of Power

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