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'Spartacus War': Story Of The Real-Life Gladiator

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" They called him the barbarian gladiator... "

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Theokoles real history

Either or Romans were sacrificed in Crixus' honor. They had sunk from the glory of the arena to the shame of banditry. The escaped slaves defeated a small force sent to recapture them, then made camp on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel for other awesome videos. Edit Theokoles is a huge Greek albino gladiator with deathly pale skin and reddish eyes. The definite answer to this question is 71BC when the revolt of Spartacus was crushed by Pompey and Crassus. Not giving up yet, Crixus grabs a helmet lying nearby and reflects the light into Theokoles' face, blinding him momentarily. Theokoles real history

Theokoles real history

Theokoles real history

Theokoles real history

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