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28 Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover for an Unforgettable Night

   19.06.2018  4 Comments

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How to have a sleepover

Be sure to have a camera and plenty of makeup removal wipes on hand for this one. It must be picked up sans hands. Toronto, , torontozoo. You should tell your guests what time to arrive and around what time they should leave. Treasure Hunt They ran around screaming for the first half hour, snarfed their pizza in a matter of minutes, broke out the candy and made it through less than half of the Katy Perry movie before declaring there's nothing to do. You can mail your guests, use email, call, text, use Facebook, or even tell them in person. NO ONE wants raisins at 2 in the morning!! Plan a themed movie marathon. Greetings friends!! How to have a sleepover

How to have a sleepover

How to have a sleepover

How to have a sleepover

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  1. Explore a year-old steamship, learn about life at sea and hear ghostly bedtime stories. This way, you have plenty of space for sleeping bags, bowls of junk food, and the occasional mid-sleepover cartwheel. One guest is blindfolded, and then must perform a "makeover" on a friend.

  2. Also, try looking for invitations that fit your party theme, so people get a general sense of what the party is about. Regina, ext.

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