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Jean Lafitte

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Jean Lafitte - Pirate and Patriot

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When was jean lafitte born

Very little is known about his childhood and adolescence except that he was born in Haiti sometime around and was at least partly Jewish. Some say he was swept away by a hurricane on one of his ships or maybe it was death from a wound in battle off the coast of Honduras in In Isabel Allende 's Zorro , Lafitte is a key character in the plot. The ship would sail to the mouth of Bayou Lafourche , load the contraband goods, and sail "legally" back to New Orleans, with goods listed on a certified manifest. The persona that emerges from its pages is a moralistic, inwardly-focused paranoid with perfect recall of names and events and complete ignorance of his own failings. They sail into the city's lake, capture the mayor, and make him "walk the plank. See Article History Alternative Title: The couple had six children, including at least three daughters. After one of their privateer ships attacked an American vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, they were forced to leave Galveston and burn their mansion. Lafitte's legend and treasure serve as the launching point for the novel The Marauders by Tom Cooper Crown Publishers, When was jean lafitte born

When was jean lafitte born

When was jean lafitte born

When was jean lafitte born

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  1. Though Jackson initially hesitated over questions of the Baratarians loyalty and their federal indictment, he eventually relented after a judge suspended the indictment for four months because the Baratarians were the best gunners in the Caribbean and knew the terrain well. From this depot he continued his privateering against the Spanish, and his men were commonly acknowledged as pirates. Barataria Bay was perfect for their smuggling operations as the islands and bayous south of New Orleans protected their base.

  2. Aury returned from Matagorda during the month, but Pierre Laffite succeeded in causing so many of his men to desert that Aury left on July Robertson was incensed by Lafitte's operation, calling his men "brigands who infest our coast and overrun our country". You's tomb is located at New Orleans St.

  3. Who was the real Jean Laffite? Lafitte worked with several smugglers, including Jim Bowie , to profit from the poorly written law.

  4. By midmorning, 10 armed pirate ships formed a battle line in the bay. Jean Lafitte Jean Lafitte Biography Jean Lafitte born around , died around is today remembered as one of the most successful pirates and privateers of the early 19th century. In their new pirate colony named Campeche they were hired by the Spanish to be spies during the Mexican War of Independence and continued their thieving and smuggling until death.

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