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What Fantasies Can Do to Your Relationship: The Effects of Sexual Fantasies on Couple Interactions.

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Relationships and Sexual Fantasies

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Sexual fantasies in relationships

Those who had dyadic fantasies reported being more motivated to have sex with their partner and to engage in relationship-promoting behavior. Sexual Fantasies - is it good to fantasise? Role-play or try an enticing, new-to-you position or technique. Four studies examined the contribution of fantasizing about one's partner "dyadic fantasies" to relationship outcomes. It has been suggested that the brain is the largest sexual organ and sometimes it is easier to feel relaxed by allowing our minds to drift while we have our bodies satisfied, especially if the act of sex itself has any negative associations. And any work you prioritize and engage in together can build a sense of connectedness. The results showed that dyadic fantasies made one more likely to behave in a way that strengthens the relationship and to perceive the relationship more positively. Sexual fantasies in relationships

Sexual fantasies in relationships

Sexual fantasies in relationships

Sexual fantasies in relationships

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  1. Harmful fantasy Until now we have considered the use of fantasy as part of a healthy relationship, but of course there are extremes. Whatever they may be, we all have certain things that get us hot under the collar. You both get the opportunity to make an increasingly deep connection with one another.

  2. It has been suggested that fantasising while having sex with your partner can diminish or undermine the sexual bond that is being shared.

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