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Age of consent

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Which Country Has The Minimum 'Age of Consent?'

Video about age of consent in all countries:

Age of consent in all countries

However, there are countries where sexual relations are illegal between unmarried couple. Close-in-age exemptions Some jurisdictions have laws explicitly allowing sexual acts with minors under the age of consent if their partner is close in age to them. However, many prefectures have additional statutes that efficiently raise the age of consent to 16 to Age of Consent Around the World The age of consent differs from country to country. All information provided AS-IS with no warranty of accuracy. Middle East Bahrain's age of consent for heterosexual men and women is 15 years old, but is raised to 21 years old for women who want to marry without their father's consent. This consensual age is the lowest across the globe. Any individual violating this law is open to prosecution under statutory rape laws. Click here to view a map of ages of consent by state. Age of consent in all countries

Age of consent in all countries

Age of consent in all countries

Age of consent in all countries

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  1. Nigeria, an African nation, has the lowest age of consent in the world while Bahrain, a country in Asia, has the highest legal age of consent. Age of sexual consent around the world.

  2. Related Topics. The lowest state Age of Consent in the United States is Additionally, a number of countries in Asia and Africa require individuals to be married before they can legally have sex.

  3. The University of Melbourne's Jeremy Gans told SBS News there was "massive variation" in ages of consent around the world, while many countries do not even have an age of consent. Usage is subject to our Terms and Privacy Policy.

  4. In countries where there are gender-age differentials, the age of consent may be higher for girls—for example in Papua New Guinea , where the age of consent for heterosexual sex is 16 for girls and 14 for boys, [41] or they may be higher for males, such as in Indonesia, where males must be 19 years old and females must be 16 years old.

  5. The Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings which came into force in also deals with commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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