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The Fair Housing Act Meets Senior Living: Condo Exemptions and the 55+ Population

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Federal Home and Community Based Setting Rule: What it Says and What it Means

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Federal housing rules for adult communities

The association must enact and follow a verification plan. It is not difficult to comply with HOPA, but it does take planning and follow through. This immunity will be discussed in detail. This document is to be included as part of the Purchase or Lease documents. Federal housing rules for adult communities

Federal housing rules for adult communities

Federal housing rules for adult communities

Federal housing rules for adult communities

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  1. The board fines the owner for having children living with her in the building. Guess what? Another owner, who is disturbed by noise, files a complaint with the board of the association because having children less than eighteen is a violation of the declaration and rules.

  2. The association must enact procedures to operate as housing designed for persons who are 55 years of age or older.

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