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Pocket Mortys

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Magic Pocket Slave Monster

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Pocket slave monsters

It only worsened once the door opened. This will "evolve" them into a new version e. Not to mention how awfully exposed she felt, another realisation being brought to light; she was completely naked. Lillie tried to cover up, but there was nothing she could do. Online Multiplayer On May 9, Pocket Mortys official twitter announced they were opening up beta testing for a multiplayer for the first 5, people who sign on Android. Chapter Text Bright… It must be daytime… That's odd. Lillie wakes to find herself constrained and in an unpleasant room, soon to find out she's about to be sold. Anyway, about this story, I have chapter ideas for continuations so there will likely be more for this one, but I wouldn't expect frequent updates at all. The pain was unbearable, her body screaming for any relief it possible could find. Pocket slave monsters

Pocket slave monsters

Pocket slave monsters

Pocket slave monsters

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  1. If only she'd bought the usual boat tickets, and not bought a private boat ride from a shady man; the merchant. The walls were covered in dried semen and blood.

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