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The Top 15 Lesbian Books of 2017

   23.07.2018  1 Comments

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5 LGBT Books That You NEED To Read - Happy Pride Month!

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Best lesbian books of all time

This has so much complexity packed into it. The friends survive together, as described in intensely vulnerable detail. The pages cover her struggles with anorexia, her experiences being a gay woman within the Hollywood realm, and — of course — how she meets and later falls in love with Ellen DeGeneres. Others might say it's about a man with pedophilic tendencies. I hope other students get the same opportunity. The Gilda Stories by jewelle gomez This is a black lesbian vampire story that takes place from Dalloway, a novel to which Cunningham pays homage; in midth-century Los Angeles, housewife Laura Brown, discontented with her life, confronts her attraction to women; and in s New York City, Clarissa Vaughan, who is lesbian, plans a party for her best friend, writer Richard Brown, a gay man dying of AIDS. Best lesbian books of all time

Best lesbian books of all time

Best lesbian books of all time

Best lesbian books of all time

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