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Modern Gujarati Baby Girl Names

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Gujrati girl name

Rajvi has expression number 6 which has some meaning in Indian vedic astrology or Numerology. They have a strong tendency of desire or Kama, with the dominant Tamas. Some of their goals are really serious for them and they allow no waste of time in fulfilling them. And for this nature they are also very caring and loving towards their fellows and parents. For their argumentative nature, any discussion can invite them. Though, these people are extremely full of talents, sometimes they do not have the required opportunity to make use of those. People respect them from their hearts. Gujrati girl name

Gujrati girl name

Gujrati girl name

Gujrati girl name

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  1. Besides academic knowledge, these natives like to accumulate different kinds of information.

  2. People respect them from their hearts. They also have a lot of friends and fellows. For these persons importance should be attributed to aesthetics or external beauty.

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