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Decapitated - A Poem about An old prison man (Drum Cover)

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Poems for my man in prison

I found out that I was a month Pregnant after a month he went to jail, He knows and he's excited about it and so am I. The witness was not allowed not one! I gotta fight and nobody understands how much stress I'm under or how sad I am. Not even our tears will be wasted, but God will get the glory out of our lives. I don't really understand the SAP thing all I know is that they told me we can't talk or see each other for several months only letters to keep in touch with each other. This hurts the absolutes most!!!! Nothing seems the same, nothing tastes the same with his absence. He recently was transferred of miles away from me and now I am unable to visit him every month like I have been for 4 years. Poems for my man in prison

Poems for my man in prison

Poems for my man in prison

Poems for my man in prison

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