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Boob Map Of The World Shows Biggest Boobs In The World, Breast Size By Country

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Top 10 Celebrities With The Biggest Boobs 2017[CLifeStyle] - Largest NATURAL Breasts in the World

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The largest breast size in the world

She is an amateur model from the Netherlands whose boobs have grown with no help from doctors. Each breast contains cc of silicone. Doctors have advised Annie, who is a size 22 and 5ft 6in tall, to have a breast reduction but she has refused. Neither map specifies how the breast sizes were measured although we'd imagine tracking bra purchases per country would be an ideal -- and fairly non-creepy -- approach. The most common reason for this is that women often wear too large bra sizes. The largest breast size in the world

The largest breast size in the world

The largest breast size in the world

The largest breast size in the world

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