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Make Your Own Solar System

   04.07.2018  3 Comments

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how to make solar system

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How to make project on solar system

Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Red: They waste some electricity in form of heat. It is important that the manufacturers provide an operation, instruction and maintenance manual in English and local language along with the system. They are good for all kinds of appliances. It is probably best not to include it! The connected load of your setup will help you determine the size of system that you need and that in turn will drive the cost of the system. Batteries should be located in a space that is easy to reach for maintenance , well-ventilated and protected from extreme weather. A good imported module will cost around Rs 40 per watt. However a degree east or west of south can also work. Paint the Display Lay the cardboard box on its side so that the opening faces you. How to make project on solar system

How to make project on solar system

How to make project on solar system

How to make project on solar system

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  1. A solar PV system does not require a lot of maintenance but it is good to clean the system of dust and bird droppings regularly to maintain its efficiency. Things Needed.

  2. Add a few stars and galaxies with white paint, or with glow-in-the-dark paint for more effect. Automotive batteries that are shallow cycle should not be used. A modified sine wave or a pure sine wave inverter is better suited for a solar PV system.

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