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Remember Makosi From Big Brother Six? She's Had The Most Eventful Life Ever

   30.12.2018  5 Comments

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Big Brother 6 UK Makosi's Best Moments

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Makosi bb

Craig finished fifth, and was evicted on Day 76 in a surprise final week eviction having received just 3. She developed a rather surprising bond with Derek, with each of them often singing serenades to one another, and Derek curiously fondling her breasts while the two were in the pool. Big Brother isn't looking for someone who will sit in the corner and not do anything. As housemates nominated alphabetically in Big Brother 6, Makosi was the first ever female housemate to nominate another housemate to save. His two most recent hairdressing salons, one in Norwich, one in Cromer, have both failed financially. Kinga since leaving the house has lost over 3 stone and is barely recognisable with her recent[ when? The surgery was a success. I was top-class entertainment. Thus far, Makosi, Roberto Conte and Sam Heuston are the only ever housemates to be immune from an eviction after receiving the most nominations against them. PA After facing deportation back in , Makosi was eventually banned from the UK in after attempting to enter the country using a relative's passport. Makosi bb

Makosi bb

Makosi bb

Makosi bb

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  1. Makosi was one of the first ever six housemates to refuse to partake in standard Big Brother nominations. The Zimbabwean security services are on my case - when those people want to talk to you, they don't want to chat, they want to kill you.

  2. Thus far, she is the only ever housemate to receive a vote to evict from a housemate after being nominated by a public vote and not be evicted that night.

  3. In Autumn , Sanderson was allegedly raped in a hotel in Leeds. My mum needed an operation and I couldn't pay for it on a nurse's salary. The African media made a huge fuss of what I did in the house.

  4. I did a shoot for Nuts magazine and the African press turned it into 'Makosi is a sex maniac'. Barbra Mzembi, wife to Tourism minister Walter Mzembi also bought the book. Who could forget?!

  5. Makosi was the first ever housemate to be set a personal secret mission as part of a series' Launch Night Twist. She is most famous for masturbating with a wine bottle in the garden. During her relatively short stay in the house Kinga acted wildly.

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