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Characteristics of Romanticism in English Literature

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Characteristics of Romanticism

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Characteristics of romanticism

A sub-group of Hudson River artists introduced the style of Luminism , active The revived historical appreciation was translated into imaginative writing by Sir Walter Scott , who is often considered to have invented the historical novel. Byron, George Gordon was one of the leading Romantic poets whose scandalous personal life brought him as much notoriety as his poetry brought him fame. With Anne Bradstreet's The Author to Her Book illustrating that while America was meant to be a free land the rights of women were very suppressed. Unusual Settings Romantic literature didn't limit itself to just rural settings or those of a particular nationality, though that was definitely one of the characteristics. The ways the English Romantic poets expressed these ideas were quite interesting. Characteristics of romanticism

Characteristics of romanticism

Characteristics of romanticism

Characteristics of romanticism

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