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How to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

   21.05.2018  1 Comments

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Mirror Self-Recognition in Asian Elephants!

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Mirror in front of mirror

You can remedy a narrow staircase by visually widening it, using a large mirror to reflect it. There are pros and cons to using a bagua mirror in your home. Both agree that if the stove placement forces you to cook with your back to a door, then you need a remedy or cure. A mirror can double garden energy for greater abundance. For example, you can place a mirror along a fence in the back part of your garden. Nicole Franzen Whether you believe in feng shui or not, there's no denying the benefits of a great room layout or a space that just seems to "flow" well. Mirror in front of mirror

Mirror in front of mirror

Mirror in front of mirror

Mirror in front of mirror

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