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Alchemic Muse Bath and Body mini haul!

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Haunt beguiling bath and body

The sillage on this is low, but the scent lasts a good seven hours on me - the longest of any of my Haunt scents. Seriously, if you are reading this and have Fern and Elf in any form that you want to get rid of, name your price. And there are no sample sizes, only full size, so I couldn't get every scent offered, only a few I had heard great things about and looked delicious smelling! I hope she is well, and may return at some point. The notes are light and fruity. I decided to only pick up one perfume oil and one skin glossing oil. Haunt beguiling bath and body

Haunt beguiling bath and body

Haunt beguiling bath and body

Haunt beguiling bath and body

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  1. Mother-Of-Pearl Sugar Polish - "Pink watermelon slices, Tahitian vanilla bean, jasmine sambac absolute, pink pepper, sea water, Egyptian musk and driftwood" This sugar scrub is quite thick, but I love the scent, and the pearl glitter added to the top. She designs and draws them herself, and they are just so stunning!

  2. They're wonderfully fruity and sweet, which is basically everything I ever want in scents. Summer I have been sitting on this review since last September, in hopes that I could simply post it when Haunt announced their next sale.

  3. I think if you sprayed it over your whole body after showering you would definitely smell great, as the scent doesn't carry far, and isn't strong. Since there aren't sample sizes, you have to be willing to just jump in and get a few things to try. I skipped it, after reading comments about how limited it was, and carried on my merry way.

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