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Understanding Sex Offender Classification

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David is a tier 3 sex offender. He spent 13 years in prison and was to homelessness.

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Level 2 sex offender definition

The same study found that during the same 3 years from release, 68 percent of released non-sex offenders were re-arrested for any crime and How do I search for registered sex offenders who live, work, or attend school near an address of interest to me? This information must immediately be provided to all other jurisdictions in which the sex offender is required to register. If the sex offender has been designated a sexual predator, a sexually violent offender or a predicate sex offender, he or she must register for life regardless of risk level. What is the minimum required duration of registration? Moderate risk for repeat offense within community at large. What is a "Tier"? Levels of Classification Level 1: Among child molesters released from prison in , 60 percent had been in prison for molesting a child 13 years old or younger. Level 2 sex offender definition

Level 2 sex offender definition

Level 2 sex offender definition

Level 2 sex offender definition

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  1. Achieving a clean record means the sex offender must fulfill the following requirements:

  2. These are individuals who have not exhibited predatory-type behaviors and who have successfully participated in legally sanctioned sex-offender treatment programs. Jurisdictions must also require a sex offender to provide notice if he or she is leaving the jurisdiction prior to the move; the sex offender must provide information about the jurisdiction to which he or she is going. An estimated 3.

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