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Spit Doesn't Work! - #LubeLife Silicone and Water Based Personal Lubricant

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Sex lube spit

You could call it a fetish, but I think that people want a sexual experience that feels real, and during which they have a real physical or perhaps emotional connection. This means that it does not get reabsorbed into the body, and it stays on the vulval tissue and on the walls of the vagina. Liquid soap or hand sanitiser If you think that products are safe to put near your genitals because it has cleansing qualities, think again. On the subject of vaginal sex and lube, there is not a conclusive body of evidence on the subject. Our mouths are dirty! It also contains liquid paraffin and citric acid, which can upset the delicate flora of the vagina. Sex lube spit

Sex lube spit

Sex lube spit

Sex lube spit

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  1. The more a woman is aroused, the more her vagina will secrete the viscous fluid needed to make penetration a silky ride. Specifically, good sex.

  2. For our minds to be blown and our bodies to be sent into another dimension? One of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to improve your sex life is by incorporating lube into sex. Here's why Saliva is a water based bodily secretion that evaporates at a very rapid rate when it come in contact with body heat and friction.

  3. Saliva, of course, is the main component used during oral sex because the mouth has direct contact with the genitals, but when it comes to actual penetration, saliva shouldn't be a solid choice of a lubricant if one plans to be active for more than a few minutes. I like to vary my activities and the addition or subtraction of different kinds of stimulation with toys or lubes makes for a diverse and creative sex life.

  4. But try and keep it on your body, rather than in it. One of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to improve your sex life is by incorporating lube into sex.

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