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5 Wedding Traditions That Will Leave You Speechless! #2

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French marriage customs

The bride's family sends invitations on behalf of the couple to the wedding guests, addressed by hand. The couple enter the church together and walks up to the altar followed by two witnesses and the parents. The tradition began in Ancient Rome when the veil was used to hide the bride from any spirits that would corrupt her and the bridesmaids were to wear similar outfits so that the evil spirits were further confused. Shutterstock According to The Local , most weddings in France won't have bridesmaids or groomsmen. If you wait more than three months, you may have to supply new copies of your birth certificates. You see, it's a French tradition for those close to the newlyweds to do some sort of personalised bit for the couple. The newly wed couple often leave the ceremony to the sound of bagpipes. Advertisement Which name? French marriage customs

French marriage customs

French marriage customs

French marriage customs

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  1. Marriage in Scotland A traditional Scottish Wedding Scotland is a popular place for young English couples to get married since, in Scotland, parents' permission is not required if both the bride and groom are old enough to legally be married

  2. Map postally used on July 16, The nearest equivalent the French have for best friends to take part are the witnesses. Gretna Green now hosts hundreds of weddings a year and is Scotland's third most popular tourist attraction.

  3. Instead, the bride and groom will both have a couple of witnesses with a maximum of four to participate in the ceremony. Guests send or deliver wedding gifts to the bride's family home before the wedding day. The wedding cake is a towering mass of cream buns No three-tiered fruitcake covered in royal icing here.

  4. Nowadays, the guests usually gathered at the town hall or church and the bride and bridegroom enter together, followed by the family and guests.

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