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So, does this film hold the record for the most dildos in a Claire Foy movie? Not only is she doing some sort of espionage but she also will enjoy the humor of knowing that all those kind of really macho airport security guys will have to search a case of dildos. This Article is related to: She has been a steadfast and outspoken ally for LGBT rights throughout her career, voicing support for marriage equality in countless interviews. Why should she have to evaluate it in that way? Claire, that suitcase looked packed, though. It does not. There are no offensive jokes, no one has to come out, she never has to explain herself. Have you questioned your own sexual identity? And with so many dildos. Lesbiansexscene




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  1. There was a sex scene originally in the beginning of the movie. While gay men are often portrayed as desexualized comedic relief in Hollywood, lesbians are used for hyper-sexual titillation.

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