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Shower Spy

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Drone Spying on Girl in Shower ?

Video about spying on my sister taking a shower:

Spying on my sister taking a shower

I just prayed that she would make it home before my parents. I was hoping at least for a reprieve from her telling when she was in this condition. My dick never lost it's erection after I came so I mounted her again and she was just limp like a rag doll. My heart was beating in my ears from the excitement as I pulled up the chair in James Bond like fashion swift and stealthy. Spying on my sister taking a shower

Spying on my sister taking a shower

Spying on my sister taking a shower

Spying on my sister taking a shower

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  1. I heard someone moving upstairs so I jumped down and ran to cover up my crime scene. I was hoping this was some kind of test of how sorry I was and that she wasn't really going to take all my cash. Her breasts hung forward just a little making them look a bit bigger from my view.

  2. I cleaned her legs up and her pussy the best I could and honestly Rick's cum made me gag a few times to start, but it wasn't from the taste just the thought of another guy's cum. I heard the bathroom door swing open hard as she ran out. I got off her quickly and sat on the floor waiting for what surely would be my doom, but there was nothing she just lay there quiet.

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