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Managing Well: 7 Steps to Upgrade Your Approachability

   20.05.2018  1 Comments

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5 Ways To Be More Approachable - How Clothing and Behavior Affect Approachability

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How to be approachable at work

The best leaders know when to crack a smile, when to add in a joke and when to just laugh along with everyone else. Make the first move; smile at your colleagues and employers. Be more approachable in college by developing good non-verbal communication behaviors This can be tough especially if you are shy or insecure. Finding common ground can make it easier to connect with someone continually over time. Note your non-verbals. It is also advisable not to share personal stories. Being switched on in this way builds trust and respect, both of which are important for increasing approachability. How to be approachable at work

How to be approachable at work

How to be approachable at work

How to be approachable at work

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