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K.R. Indira reimagines Kamasutra from a woman's perspective

   21.11.2018  5 Comments

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Vatsyayana Kamasutra - Full Movie - Sudesh Berry - Adarsh Kumar

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Kamasutra kahani

Admin Fax Ext: We have a stringent abuse policy and any complaint will be actioned within a short period of time. Sthraina Kamasutra makes the point that women should insist that after marriage, the bride and bridegroom live in her house. It's just a ruse for them to sleep with them without having to pay. Kamasutra kahani

Kamasutra kahani

Kamasutra kahani

Kamasutra kahani

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5 thoughts on “The description of Kamasutra Sexy Story - कामसूत्र सेक्सी कहानी

  1. Indira, 50, is a short story writer based in Thrissur district of Kerala, and Sthraina Kamasutra will be published by DC Books in the second week of June, as a practical guide for women to "win the battle between the sheets". It makes the point that a woman is incapable of attaining orgasm as she has eight times more carnal passion than a man. He should not have unworthy friends or a large family.

  2. For instance, most women said they preferred the missionary position-men on top of them, as their favourite sexual position.

  3. PDR Ltd. A majority of Malayali women who are supposed to be better off than her counterparts elsewhere in the country, also do not want to divulge their sexual behaviour, even confidentially," says Indira, a divorcee with a college-going son. She says that these supposedly radical practices work against women's interests much more than even commercial sex or prostitution.

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