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Why I Have No Friends

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My girlfriend has no friends

My girlfriend has no friends, and no hobbies I'm in some serious need of help here guys, so please hear me out. Around the age of , things started changing slightly, only because puberty and hormones started kicking in. Those types of things seem to be often overlooked. But I would let it slide and continue to try to hang on to these relationships. Last night we had a big bust up over me not moving in with her and how I'm not ready and I just want to spend time with my friends and how I'll never be ready to move the relationship to the next level. I would consider lack of long term friendships a huge red flag. My girlfriend has no friends

My girlfriend has no friends

My girlfriend has no friends

My girlfriend has no friends

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  1. If they need excessive attention from the opposite sex. Would you rather have a smaller house and more vacations?

  2. The people she's had as friends would all speak very highly of her, and not many people would have anything bad to say about her.

  3. Even his exes, which while sometime annoying, I think it's a sign that he's honesty a good person. I had zero problems talking to them and made quite the impression on his friends at my easiness and relaxed attitude.

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