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How to Fix Toxic or Abusive Relationships

   20.12.2018  4 Comments

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How to Fix a Relationship That is Falling Apart

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How to repair a toxic relationship

Keep in mind that your friends say things to you because they love you. Continue living your life normally. Your friend might just give you a fresh perspective about your relationship, which will make you realize that you may be on the rocks with your partner right now, but he or she is worth fighting for. A counselor doesn't have the same bias your friends or other loved ones might, and also doesn't get in that sticky "in the middle" place where drama can brew. Nobody else can be. How to repair a toxic relationship

How to repair a toxic relationship

How to repair a toxic relationship

How to repair a toxic relationship

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  1. Photo by Sebastian Pichler Have you ever been in a relationship wherein not a day passes by without you two fighting even about the pettiest of things? If you can't handle the toxicity any longer but want to keep the other person in your life, it will take time, effort and energy from both parties to create a healthy relationship. It is in your hands to take the relationship forward or kick it in the curb.

  2. There is no shame in seeing a counselor ; getting outside perspective from someone removed from the situation can be invaluable. I can now see that my contribution to this problem was… Step 3:

  3. Talk about the things that make your relationship toxic. Tip Distance yourself from the other person if your request for change is ignored.

  4. If you feel that your relationship, despite being challenging and difficult, still enriches your life and brings some positivity and growth then you need to take personal responsibility for your well-being and learn to navigate through your imperfect love life by making it better and healing the current toxicity that is there.

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