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Prison Strip Search is Sexually Abusive

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Lesbian prison strip search

I didn't have that. The environment means that it usually ends up in fighting and both women being put in segregation, however. As a general rule, a woman who is menstruating, is not routinely required to remove a tampon during a search, but may be requested to do so if a prison officer has a reasonable suspicion the prisoner is hiding a prohibited item. It may be argued that strip—searching is justifiable to prevent women in CSUs and DUs from self—harming. In closed prison plenty of women get together. Unfortunately I was only there for one night. Endnotes 7. B A Hockings et al, See note Deaths in custody have been the focus of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody , and prison authorities now go to great lengths to ensure that prisoners are physically safe from self—harm while in custody. There is an argument that this may be direct discrimination on the basis that many of these women are suffering a mental health impairment. Lesbian prison strip search

Lesbian prison strip search

Lesbian prison strip search

Lesbian prison strip search

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