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Most U.S. teens aren't 'doing it'

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Statistics about teen sex

Help for Troubled Teens: In particular, emergency contraception is more widely used among teens these days, the survey found. Among the majority who had not had sex, the reasons varied. The differences among girls by race and ethnicity were insignificant. The sample is nationally representative. Perhaps treating teenagers as adults, with respect for their intelligence and decision making ability can help where other methods have so far failed to stem the tide of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the US. Teenage pregnancy rates have also been declining, but the birthrate from to — 34 per 1, girls ages 15 to 19 — is much higher than the rate in, for example, Canada 13 per 1, , France seven or Germany five. Child Trends Data Bank childtrendsdatabank. The reported instances of having protected sex have risen from 46 percent in to 63 percent in , and was 60 percent in They should also be taught that the choices they make now can affect them later in life. Statistics about teen sex

Statistics about teen sex

Statistics about teen sex

Statistics about teen sex

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