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Electrolux Central Vac Unboxing, Install, Demo, Review

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Central vacuum hook up

Hang the vacuum canister on its bracket and then hold up the exhaust line assembly, complete with muffler and elbows, and mark where it meets the wall. Make sure that all branch lines enter the trunk line at an angle that is at least level with the trunk line. A principal concern when designing a central vacuum system is avoiding situations likely to cause clogging of the tubing with debris such as toothpicks, hairpins, needles, or similar-shaped objects. You will make this connection when you mount and connect the power unit. Central vacuum hook up

Central vacuum hook up

Central vacuum hook up

Central vacuum hook up

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  1. Connect the elbow to the trunk line so that it aligns with the intake access hole. The markings on each fitting made during measuring can be used for alignment. Connect this wiring in groups of threes - one branch wire, one in-coming trunk line wire, and one out-going trunk line wire.

  2. Use the following examples as an aid in planning the installation in either new or existing construction. Occasionally, the owner of a new house under construction may choose to preinstall vacuum tubing and control wiring in the walls, but to defer purchase of the central unit, hose, and tools to reduce cash flow requirements. Rough edges must be removed with a utility knife or sandpaper.

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